Revitalizing the brand

Logo Comparison

Through a bit of research we found that consumers, although loyally buying our applesauce for years, didn’t  know our name. (A few even ventured that it might be “chunky”.)

In some markets that might not be a problem, but as the grocery shelf becomes more crowded with various applesauces we thought it would be wise to help both our loyal and new customers recognize our specific product more easily.

It wasn’t hard to identify how the communication breakdown was occurring. Our name on the jar was buried within an emblem, which was filled with illustration, and that was surrounded by a plethora of shapes, colors and various types swimming about willy-nilly on the label.

So, first things first, we set about to simplify the presentation of our name so that it might be more easily read and recognized.

Today we are pleased to unveil the result of our efforts, in a visual comparison to the previous logo. We hope you’ll find our new look to be easy to read and recognize in the marketplace.

Next we are going to redesign our packages to more accurately represent our products, so stay tuned.