A stronger in-store presence.

Organic Honeycrisp Chunky Applesauce

Having completed the logo we set about to redesign the packages.

First we acknowledged that our apples say it all. Incredibly sweet Fuji and Honeycrisp apples are what make our applesauce so delicious. So it made good sense to reinforce the prominent role of the apples by having them be the focal point of our new package.

Secondly, we wanted you to be able to easily distinguish the four delicious choices in the line. So we identified the varietal and organic information front and center.

And lastly, we wanted to emphasise the simple, all-natural, wholesome goodness of our product. We did that by harkening back to the overall feel of a botanical illustration, simple and warm.

We are rolling out the new packaging over the next six months so it may not be in your area yet. So if you don’t see the new design, look for the previous packaging shown below.previous_package