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High J Orchards is my family’s small family orchard located in the hills above Lake Chelan in central Washington State. My father has been farming apples and sweet dark cherries for over 25 years and of course made heaps of applesauce from our apples for both family and friends. The delicious sweet-tart flavor and thick, lumpy consistency of Grandma Judy’s recipe is hard to beat.

If you’ve only eaten store-bought (and mass-produced) applesauce then you don’t know how good applesauce can be! I urge you to try High J Orchard’s applesauce and discover an amazingly sweet and tasty, pure yet simple treat.

High J Orchards’ applesauce tastes so delicious because it is handmade from simply great ingredients, our apples. We selected two of the best tasting varieties, Honeycrisp and Fuji; we harvest them when ripe and at their sweetest, and carefully cook them in small batches much like you would do at home, careful to maintain the chunky texture. Naturally sweet, there is no need to add any sugars or sweeteners – our applesauce is pure and simple, and simply great tasting!

No two batches are exactly the same, due to variability in the apple qualities from year to year and even within the orchard. Thus, unlike mass produced applesauce, High J Orchards’ product is never quite the same but always delicious and nutritious.

High J Orchards – our applesauce business – was the result of a disaster. A few summers back a hailstorm ripped through our orchards just days before we were to harvest our cherries.  The cherries were a total loss and the young Honeycrisp and Fuji apples were damaged badly. So, when you’re given lemons, try making lemonade…or applesauce, in this case.

Hence, I founded High J Orchards (named after our orchards in Chelan, WA) on faith that consumers would embrace the authentic consistency, taste and pure flavors of applesauce made the way Grandma Judy made hers, keeping it simple and naturally sweet by using the most flavorful varietals.

Over the years, High J Orchards has become a trusted source for authentic farmhouse applesauce. We grow the apples, and produce, package and sell the most delicious applesauce your money can buy. High J Orchard’s applesauce does cost more than the competition due to the apples we use, our preparation methods, and small scale of production.

However, you can depend upon High J Orchards products not only for your complete satisfaction, but also for complete traceability, the finest raw materials, authenticity and respect for local traditions. I believe this commitment shapes more than just the quality of our meals, but also the quality of our lives.

With great tasting fruit harvested from family orchards in Washington State, High J Orchards is proud, passionate, and committed to bring you the very best of our region’s bounty.

AC Sutherland
High J Orchards – owner

Please contact me with your comments, suggestions, or questions – I’d love to hear from you! AC@HighJOrchards.com

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