It was sooo good I even had it on ice cream!! I remembered the name and went on line and found you. It's the best applesauce I've ever had (next to the homemade sauce my mom used to make in her pressure cooker) I splurged and bought some for home (and I don't plan to share much either). Carol Stanford Although the Honeycrisp is quite good, we like the Fuji far better---mainly because it is so simple and natural and tasty---the best applesauce I think I have ever eaten. Besides that, we like knowing where our food comes from. Ron Shreve I discovered High J thru a Google search for Gourmet Apple Sauce. (I will be ordering again!) I'm a dedicated Foodie!--discovering High J was part of an ongoing quest for culinary excellence. Once I find the Best of anything, I tend to stick with it! Richard Cooper My son, who lives in Redmond, also has a home on Lake Chelan. We spent a lot of time there this summer. We discovered your applesauce when my granddaughter and I went to the fruit stand where you sell it. It is the best applesauce I've ever eaten. Even better than the one I make with cinnamon candies. I couldn't remember which one of yours I had so I ordered both kinds. Also, I am type 2 diabetic and your applesauce fits into my diet. I was so excited when I discovered I could order it over the internet as I live in the Palm Springs CA area and only get to Washington during the summer. Please don't stop selling over the internet. I may even put it in my Christmas baskets that I make for family and friends. Barbara Vinson Enjoyed the NW for about 6 weeks recently and was a houseguest and my friends had it in their refrigerator. I finished it off! It was truly delicious, and had been eating the honey crisp apples . . . yum. Brought a jar home with me, finished it off and just had to have more. Thanks. Is it sold anywhere in the MidWest? Can't wait to receive the applesauce. My son's father lived/worked in Wenatchee area years ago; we got to experience that side a bit -- much different from the Seattle area. The east is a bit like KS but of course not as beautiful. I found the applesauce at the Thriftway in the Magnolia area and at the QFC in the Mount Baker area (yeap, I was on the prowl for this item). I'm going to definitely let my friends have a small taste of this applesauce . . . I know they will enjoy it here in the MidWest. Addie Benson I live in Seattle. I first found your product at Metropolitan Market where I normally don't shop but then when Whole Foods started carrying it I began buying it regularly. And since it's such a great taste of Washington I sent it to family in Oregon and Colorado for Christmas just before this. Love your applesauce! It’s amazing. Shawna Davis My mother-in-law sent us some honey crisp apples and the applesauce. She lives in Kirkland, WA. Our 20-month old daughter loved it and so did we!! We'll probably be regular costumers Linda Luong Yes, the applesauce cracks or breaks. We're already on our 3rd jar! Jane Dempsey

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